Hey there and welcome, I’m Treat Guy. At least that’s what they shout when they see me out delivering my freshly created candies and baked goods. Now my treats are available no matter where you are. Personally made-to-order creations for you or your business are only a few steps away. If you wish, I can even package your items with custom logos; simply click get in touch below and contact me directly to start the creative process.

About Me

Baking for 30+
Years, Born From Unemployment  

Since I was a teenager, I have always enjoyed baking. In college, I found that many people loved my treats, and when I worked in an office, my baked goodies were always highly requested. Over the years, I have developed quite a reputation for being able to make crazy confections.

These confections can be personalized & available for your group or organization, packaged and labeled for individual use or for resale. 


Not your Momma’s Treat Shop

Everything I do is custom-made from scratch. There are no shelves of pre-made candy to select from, no jars filled with pretty gum drops, or rows of baked cookies. These items are made just for you; the benefits are incredible.

Do you need your chocolate chip cookie, crispy, thin, chewy, chunky, thick? Want ogre cookies for a classroom of little monsters, or do you need to find a creative way to raise money for their next fundraiser? Together, we can find a creative way to make that happen. Contact me today!


Birthday Parties

Gift Baskets

White Labeling


What i Do

Break Room Treats

Tired of the regular, ol’ “Honor Boxes”? How about custom made break room treats for your staff?

Branded Products

Our white-label service helps you make your mark with your own logo and branding on product labels.

Personalized Packaging

Custom boxes are available and many packaging options are available. Let’s work together to create a special look for your creations.

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